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Healing the Witch Wound: Reclaiming our Potency

The Witch is an archetype that has been misunderstood and misrepresented in mainstream culture since early modern history, creating a sense of separation from the innate magic that lives at the core of every being- man, woman and beyond.

When we dig a little deeper, we discover that the depiction of a witch as a haggard old crone who casts evil spells and harms others was intentionally crafted as a means to separate us from the core of our intuitive connection to the Earth, magic, and the Sacred Feminine essence that weaves through all aspects of creation.

The history of the European and North American Witch Craze has had a lasting impact for many who hold this ancient wisdom in our soul's remembrance and blood lineage. Many still hold fears and blockages around speaking up and showing up fully in our power, embracing our wild natures, and connecting with our innate sensuality and intuitive power as a source of tremendous joy and nourishment.

As Samhain (Halloween) approaches, it is the perfect time to gather together in sacred ritual to bring the Witch within us all out of the shadows, to heal the spirit and nature divide, to transmute these wounds, and open to the joys that true connection with our own innate wisdom brings.

Join us for an evening of healing ceremony, free-form movement, dance, ritual, journeying, sharing, nourishment, and more as we come together to celebrate and re-integrate this powerful aspect of the Sacred Feminine divine within and all around us.

Enjoy Ceremonial Proceedings Guided by Sacred Embodiment Practitioner Hannah Borababy and Seasonal Kitchen Witchery by Health & Wellness Practitioner Julie Lohr.

Dance with us round the fire, cast spells of well-being and empowerment, enjoy a cuddle puddle and slumber party, and awake with the sun as we greet the next chapter of our collective healing together.

All bodies and Spirits are welcome.

Childcare Provided

Overnight Optional


5:30-6pm Arrival & Gentle Landing with Libation

6-7:30pm Opening Circle & Intention Setting

7:30-8:30pm Seasonal Feast & Healing Discussion

8:30-midnight Ritual, Dance & General Witchiness

Slumber Party

Sunrise Ceremony & Breakfast

Earlier Event: October 19
Divine Union Immersion for Couples