Several years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to write for FLiP Magazine, an online magazine based out of Los Angeles. FLiP Magazine is unique in that it is two publications in one. On one side you find the Women's magazine, which provides articles and insights geared towards a typically "female" audience. When you flip the magazine over, the opposite side is a Men's magazine, which focuses on topics considered to be of more "masculine" interest. To this end, the magazine by its very design is Tantric in nature in that it provides a balance of male and female perspectives in the hopes of bringing the two together in greater unity. The articles I have featured in the magazine range from basic spiritual insight to holistic health, tantra and more. Over the course of my time writing for FLiP, I had the privilege of having my article "Wishing Well" published on the women's side, "Finding the Balance" published on the men's side, and "Tantra: The New Frontier" published as the centerfold uniting the two sides of the magazine. Here are those three featured articles! Additional articles and the full issues can be found at


Wishing Well: the power of being specific about what we want

May 2014 Issue

"Somewhere along the pathway to adulthood, there comes a time when the magical practice of tossing pennies into wishing wells gives way to daily to-do lists and planning for the future. Wish-making no longer seems like a practical use of time for those of us balancing jobs, family, and personal lives. What we fail to consider, however, is that wish-making is not so much a childhood practice as it is a powerful art, which can be cultivated daily..." Read More


Finding the Balance: what today's women truly desire in their masculine counterparts 

January 2015 Issue

"What does it mean to be a man is today's world? What does it mean to be a man who is good with women? I don't just mean good at getting a woman into bed. I mean, good at engaging a woman, getting her to see you, hear you, and appreciate you without using subterfuge or manipulation. It seems a common experience these days for men to feel insecure about their ability to harness their masculinity and connect with the feminine..." Read More


Tantra 1.png

Tantra: The New Frontier

June 2015 Issue

"Although we in the Western World consider ourselves to be living in a sexually liberated society, we are really just beginning to emerge from centuries of repression..." Read More