Dual Practitioner Sessions

Are you craving deep nourishment and a sensual experience that takes you beyond reality and into the mystical realms where fantasies reside?

Together, we will guide you…


Hannah and her practitioner partner Christina Amanti have a beautiful Temple Space in Black Mountain, North Carolina where they love to invite people from all over to leave the world behind and step into a sacred haven of sensual exploration and discovery.

Maybe you are an individual who wants to surrender control and allow yourself to feel fully embraced by Divine Feminine warmth and grounding presence.

Or perhaps you are a couple who desire an intimate experience that provides you and your partner special individualized attention with the powerful presence of two complimentary guides.

If you have a longing to be at the center of a sensual immersion that will leave you relaxed, replenished, and radiating vital-life force energy, then join Hannah and Amanti for a Dual-practitioner Session, and let your desire lead the way…


Dual Sessions for Individuals

90 minutes - $500

2 hours - $660

3 hours - $900

Dual Sessions for Couples

2 hours - $680

3 hours - $960

4 hours - $1,200

couple’s retreats with hannah & Amanti

Escape the world and come home to each other…

Individual immersions with hannah & Amanti