What do people have to say about their time with Hannah?

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"I was blessed to have a healing session with Hannah in her beautiful new temple. I felt so loved, supported and deeply nourished as I moved through some old painful patterns. During the session I felt a loving energy and tingles through my body and my neck pain disappeared. Hannah is really gifted and I highly recommend her. Many thanks and love."

~Bridget Engel, California


"The sanctuary where you enhanced my awakening of the Spiritual/sensual/ sexual had all my senses at heightened awareness.  And, each ritual was a part of the process.  I felt safe at all times to be me."

~Jerry, North Carolina


"The path of sacred discovery with you has been transforming.  It can be best described sometimes as I don't know what I don't know and each session opens more corridors.  In connecting with my sacred sexual essence I seem to unlearn as much as I learn."

~ Jason, North Carolina


"Hannah, thank you for that wonderful introduction into my own sensuality.  I had no idea what to expect and you where so sweet and present with me. Exactly what I needed. I look forward to our next session because I feel I have more potential for opening...thank you thank you thank you...you held a space for me to learn about myself and experience an opening that has been shut down for to long. Your ability to hold space and energy and intuitively guide me is amazing. Thank you and I look forward to our next encounter."

~ BradLey, Florida


"Amazing and life-changing. So thankful for Hannah."

~ Lily & Bear, Louisiana


"A fantastic experience. We will be back! Hannah was wonderful!"

~ Anne & Jo, North Carolina


"Mainly I'd like to express my Gratitude to You.  Thank You So Much!!!  Working with You has had much effect on my day to day movements and experiences.  The sessions with You have certainly stuck with me and I notice the effects more often than I would have ever guessed.  Most particularly in my daily (or what I try to make daily) Yoga practice.  The change in awareness and perception of my Yoga practice has been vast.  I am truly appreciative of You and Thank You for being so Present during our sessions."

- Greg, Tennessee


"Hannah, Today was amazing! Thank you for helping me realize where the energy is and is being blocked from! You're amazing! :-) U truly are a blessing! You are joy beyond words to work with."

~ Kristen, Washington, DC