It is within you that Spirit and Matter join together in Sacred Union, just as the Earth dances between Sun and Moon.

Tantra is the path of Sacred Sensuality, which embraces Desire as the driving force of manifestation and creation. Do you desire deeper connection with your self, your body and your sensual nature? Would you like to be able to channel your creative life-force energy towards something meaningful and transformative?

Then come, learn to embrace your sexual energy as the most healing force on the planet. Unlock your power as a Conscious Lover and Divine Creator. Experience greater enjoyment and deeper satisfaction in your life and relationships.

Bring forth your gifts in full service of all Creation.


"The sanctuary where you enhanced my awakening of the Spiritual/sensual/sexual had all my senses at heightened awareness. And, each ritual was a part of the process. I felt safe at all times to be me." ~Jerry, North Carolina


Your Desire Drives Creation.

Your Power Lives in the Here & Now.

Uncover Your Passion, Shape Your Reality, Heal Your Self & Honor the Earth.