Workshops & Ritual OfferingS

Here is a list of the various ritual workshops I love to bring to festivals, gatherings, and healing centers around the world, as well as online. Go to my Events page to learn about upcoming opportunities to explore these and other offerings.

Tantric activism

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Bridging Spirituality & Conscious Action

Explore how the guiding principles of Sacred Sexuality can be applied to the activism arena, opening the pathway for deep enjoyment, radical self-care,  powerful synchronicity, and more effective action. Learn how the Yin and Yang of life-force energy and the conscious application of ancient Tantric techniques can help to heal our individual and collective wounds and bring the World’s systems back into harmonious balance with Nature. Discover practical ways to incorporate this ancient wisdom into your day-to-day reality to allow for greater passion and perspective.

Essential Tantra


An Introduction to Sacred Sexuality

This workshop is an initiation for individuals onto the path of Sacred Sexuality. Learn about the history of Tantra and how this practice has been celebrated across cultures and throughout time. Discover how Tantric practice can be woven into your day-to-day to help you deepen your enjoyment of life and relationships and expand your pleasure potential. Explore tools to help you connect with your sensual nature and channel this energy towards what you are wanting to create in your world and the collective.

Sex Magic 


A Ritual Playshop

There was a time when Ancient Mystery Schools of the Far East celebrated sexual energy as the most healing and empowering force on the planet, able to be channeled towards creation and manifestation of our deepest desires. For centuries, Tantra was practiced in secret so that only the initiated were taught to cultivate their energy through the Sexual Arts. The time has come for all to share in this wisdom. This day-long workshop is for those individuals who are ready to delve deep into their bodies to uncover the power of their life-force energy, heal ancestral wounds, and unlock their creative power. Learn expansive breathing, visualization, and movement practices to enliven and channel your vital life-force energy. Practice techniques to awaken your body and open pathways for vitality to flow. Participate in a Self-pleasure Ritual to heal your Body, Spirit, and the Earth. This Ritual Workshop is open to individuals and couples of all bodies and sexual-orientation. Pre-registration is required

Divine Partnership


An Introduction to Tantra for Couples

Tantra is an ancient path that recognizes love and sexuality as a sacred journey that brings us closer to the divine within ourselves and within others, particularly those with whom we share romantic partnership. Through the path of Tantra, we transform our relationships from something ordinary into something truly extraordinary, healing, empowering and transformative. We learn to attune to our partners in a whole new way, deepening intimate connection, improving communication, healing past hurts and opening to a whole new world of passion and sensual fulfillment. In this Introductory workshop, couples will embark on a foundational exploration of Sacred Sexuality and what it means to be in Tantric Partnership. 

Divine Lovership


A Full-day Sensual Spiritual Exploration for Couples

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Are you ready to dive deep with your partner to discover a new frontier of intimacy and understanding? Are you ready to activate the divine lover within yourself and your Beloved?

Then come and explore new and ancient ways of being in relationship with yourself and your partner. 

- Learn to attune to each other in a whole new way that can deepen your intimate connection, improve communication, heal past hurts, and open the way for a brave new world of passion and fulfillment. 
- Discover holistic approaches to relationship that will breathe new life into your romantic connection. 
- Explore embodiment practices, including movement, meditation/visualization, breath and non-verbal communication to help activate and channel your subtle sensual energy.
- Learn to expand your awareness of your partner's needs, wants, and desires.
- Get more in touch with your own needs and desires, and learn to effectively communicate them with your partner.
- Discover full-body touch techniques that will enhance your healing and pleasure potential.
- Meet other couples interested in conscious sexuality and new paradigm relationship practices.
- Share with others in a safe and sacred container designed to broaden your mind, open your heart, and expand your horizons.
- Consciously cultivate a connection that feels truly divine, transforming your relationship into something healing, empowering, transformative, and sacred. 

Sexual Healing Sister Circle & Ceremonial Womb Steam

With the #MeToo Movement sweeping the globe and raising collective awareness about the widespread reality of sexual violence towards women (and many men and trans people too), safe spaces are needed now more than ever where we can share experiences, witness and hold space for others to share their stories, celebrate our connectivity, discuss prevalent issues and difficult topics around sexuality, and discover new ways to heal and shift these old patterns. It’s particularly time for those who identify as women to come together, to support one another on our healing journeys, to take back our power and our sovereignty, and usher in a new paradigm. 

This ritual workshop is sacred time set aside to come deep into ourselves, to nourish our bodies and connect with the ultimate source of our divine feminine creative power. Through ceremony, magic, and heartfelt connection, we will heal and release what's no longer serving and craft a vision for what we are calling in on behalf of ourselves and the collective. 

After an opening ceremony and intention-setting ritual, we will charge our bodies and our intentions with some light movement, breath and song. We will then delve deep into the healing process by engaging in the ancient practice of womb steaming.

What is a Womb Steam Anyway?

Womb Steams are an ancient practice that uses the power of steam and the essential oils of dried herbs to cleanse, replenish, revitalize, relax and restore the womb and vaginal canal, helping connect us with this most sacred center, releasing layers of stored trauma, both physical and energetic. During this ritual, we will each create our own herbal blend, mixing the herbs together in a large pot with steaming water and adding clear intention for what we want to heal and what we want to call in. Then, as we kneel over the steaming pot and allow the fragrant vapors to cleanse and nourish our bodies, we will be guided through some gentle self-massage practices and visualizations to deepen our connection with our wombs and the power we hold there. Sounds, songs, and all emotions are welcome in this sacred space.

Activate Your Body Temple


Crystal Eggs & Pleasure Practices

Are you ready to come home to your inner goddess? Do you want to open up your pleasure potential and fully embody your feminine power? Would you like to enjoy more vitality, more energy, and a more fulfilling sex life? Then join me for a day-long workshop, which provides an in-depth exploration of practices to help you honor your body, heal from past trauma, awaken your life-force, and connect with the core of your divine womanhood. 

During this time, we will...
- Learn about sensual embodiment rituals like yoni eggs, crystal wands, and womb steams to deepen your relationship with your body
- Participate in an Intention-setting Ritual and sisterhood sharing to optimize your healing journey
- Experience guided visualizations, moving meditations, dance and breathing practices to free your sensual energy
- Practice self-massage techniques to awaken your body and enhance your sensual enjoyment

*This workshop is open to anyone who identifies as woman, female or femme

Yoni Eggs & Sacred Feminine SelfCare

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An Online Class

This virtual seminar offers an introduction to the ancient practice of Yoni Eggs to help you develop a deeper relationship with the most intimate part of yourself. "Yoni" is the Sanskrit word for the sacred space that is the root of female sexual and creative power. Crystal Yoni Egg practices have been used by queens and empresses for centuries to awaken their sexual energy and connect more deeply with their divine feminine essence.

In this workshop, women will learn about:
- The benefits of a Yoni Egg Practice
- How to choose, prepare and activate your crystals
- Basic Yoni Egg and other embodiment practices to weave into your daily life

Sex Magic & Storytelling

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Alchemical Writing for Women

Is there a story alive inside of you that's just waiting to be expressed?

Are you ready to unlock your creativity, embody your passion, and allow your sensual energy to flow forth through your writing?

Do you have a message that is uniquely yours to bring forth and share in service to yourself, the Earth, and all humankind?

Join Writer & Tantric Facilitator Judy Calabrese along with Conscious Embodiment Coach Hannah Borababy for an evening of movement, magic, and mystical creation. We will gather as women to journey within and connect with the wisdom that beats at the very root of our feminine core.

We will call upon the elemental magic of sacred sensual embodiment practices such as Breath, Sound, Touch, Visualization, and Movement to transmute old stories being held within our bodies and transform this energy into healing gold.

We will learn how to balance our inner masculine and feminine energies to open the pathway for our creativity to flow forth in full expression.

We will explore writing as the ancient Tantric Art, ritual practice, and orgasmic experience it can be.

The Magdalene Sisterhood

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As one of the Bible’s most enigmatic figures, Mary Magdalene has been revered and reviled throughout the ages. Although she was branded a prostitute by the Church, there are those who believe she was actually a Sex Priestess ordained by the Temple of Isis and initiated into the Tantric Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt. Now, as the Sacred Feminine on the planet undergoes a great awakening and reclamation of power, Mary Magdalene has resurfaced as a force to unify women and female-spirited individuals in Sacred Sisterhood. This Sister Circle is for those of feminine-spirit who feel a deep resonance with Goddess Energy in general and in particular divine feminine figures like Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother, Isis, and the Divine Sophia. Let’s come together now to heal ourselves, our spirits, our bodies, and the planet. 

The Blood Mysteries


A Virtual Voyage into Menstrual Medicine & Magic

Sacred Sisters,

Are you ready to dive deep into the core of the divine feminine, into the very heart and womb of womanhood to ignite your power and creative potential?

Are you ready to unlock the magic and medicine that can be found deep within and open the way for the flow of your full self-expression to unfurl?

Are you ready to gather with other women across the globe to uncover the mysteries that were once lost but are now wanting to be birthed anew, to bring greater healing to ourselves and the Earth?

Then join this magical group of practitioners and educators who are coming together for the first time now to guide you on a Virtual Voyage into the Blood Mysteries. Together we will embark on this journey to come home to our bodies and reclaim the power, the pleasure, and the planet.

What is the Blood Mysteries Course?
- A Virtual Seminar Series about the practical and mystical aspects of menstruation and feminine blood magic
- A gathering place and learning platform for women desiring deeper connection with their bodies, menstrual cycle and the reclamation of ancient feminine womb wisdom

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