New Paradigm Life Coach

July 8th, 2018 - Podcast Interview with Julie Bjugan of New Paradigm Life Coach. Join me as I share about my own family heritage and upbringing, what called me to sacred sexuality, what my healing work looks like, how I relate with the Goddess archetype, and how we can all cultivate deeper harmony with the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and the Earth… Listen Here!

Soul Speak LIVE

January 15th, 2019 - Replay of my first Facebook Live, an interview and story sharing session hosted by Dijana Martin-Harris from Soul Speak. Despite a few technical difficulties early on, the conversation quickly got real and raw and juicy and vulnerable as I opened up about my soul journey and mission, and in particular the process of coming into a deeply loving and intimate relationship with my shadows. What challenges have you faced along your journey that turned out to be your greatest medicine? Here is an account of mine…Watch it here!

Hannah on YouTube

Here is a link to my YouTube Channel, where you will find more videos about Conscious Sexuality, Sacred Embodiment, Earth Tantra, Sex Magic, Travel, Transformation and more…Check me out!