Distance Coaching Sessions

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Coaching Sessions provide and opportunity to open up heartfelt connection and begin to explore the foundations of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. We will explore tools to help you deepen your relationship with your body and your sensual energy to become more aware and more confident in yourself.

Sessions often include:

  • Intuitive Spiritual Guidance

  • Expansive Breathing Practices

  • Energetic Clearing & Balancing

  • Sensual Movement & Meditation

  • Authentic heartfelt connection

90 minutes - $160

2 hours - $220

Tantric Healing Sessions


Healing Sessions offer spiritual guidance and the foundations of Tantric ritual, while providing techniques that empower you to bring this practice into your daily life in a way that opens the pathway for greater embodiment and more fulfilling relationships.

Every session is different and will vary depending on your personal needs, desires and intentions. 

I typically recommend that we start with a Distance Coaching Session to establish connection and lay the foundations of Tantric practice before scheduling an in-person Healing Session together.

2 hour Coaching Session - $280

3 hour Coaching & Energy Healing - $420

4 hour Coaching & Embodiment Practice - $540

*Desire more than just a one-on-one experience? Ask about Dual Practitioner Sessions and enjoy the nurturing presence of two female Tantricas or the sacred balance of a male and female practitioner!*

Please note, these donation rates are for sessions taking place in Asheville ONLY and may vary in other travel locations. For info regarding Travel Dates & Rates, click here.

Tantric Mastery Series

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A single session can open powerful doors, however the deepest levels of transformation unfold with consistent dedication and practice. With this awareness in mind, I offer this Tantric Mastery Series to provide a framework for continued guidance over an extended period of time. Invest in your journey and save $180!

The series includes:

Three 1-hr Distance Coaching Sessions ($360 value)

90 Minute In-person Introductory Consultation ($220 value)

2hr In-person Coaching Session ($280 value)

3hr In-person Coaching & Energy Healing ($420 value)


Tantric Sessions for Couples


During a Couple's session, you and your beloved will experience what it means to be in Divine Partnership. Heal past relationship patterns, discover deeper levels of intimacy, and uncover ancient practices that allow you to connect with your partner on a sacred level, body & soul.

2 hour Session - Lays the foundations of Tantra and offers guidance to help bring your relationship to the next level - $400

3 hour Session - Offers in-depth instruction on Tantric breathing and visualization techniques to deepen your sensual connection and communication, weaving aspects of healing touch and holding postures to help you attune energetically and establish greater trust with your partner - $580

4 hour Session - Combines energetic and breathing practices with embodied ritual, where partners will have the opportunity to be guided through giving and receiving the basics of healing Tantric touch - $760

Interested in a Dual Practitioner Session for Couples? Choose between two female guides or a male and female practitioner pair. Donation rates vary, contact me for details!

Grief Tending Rituals


When difficult transitions occur in our lives, there is often a grieving process that must occur in order for the energy to clear enough to invite in whatever is next. Sometimes grief is a solitary process and sometimes it wants to be witnessed within a safe and Sacred Container. Come, allow yourself to be witnessed and held.

Ask about Sliding Scale Donations for Grief Tending Rituals


**Please note, my donation rates have been carefully selected based on industry standards, yet I feel a passionate call to share this healing wisdom and practice with everyone whose desire stems from heartfelt intention. Therefore, if monetary manifestation is a challenge for you, I invite you to connect with me directly so we can find a supportive arrangement together.**