Sessions for Couples

A time set aside for you and your beloved to experience what it means to be in Divine Partnership.


Heal past relationship patterns, discover deeper levels of intimacy, and uncover ancient practices that allow you to connect with your partner on a sacred level, body & soul.

3-hour Intimacy Attunement


Lays the foundations of Tantra and offers in-depth instruction on Tantric breathing and visualization techniques to deepen your sensual connection and communication, weaving aspects of healing touch and holding postures to help you attune energetically and establish greater trust with your partner

4-hour Sacred Sensual Embodiment


Combines energetic and breathing practices with embodied ritual, where partners will have the opportunity to be guided through giving and receiving the basics of healing Tantric touch.

5-hour Sex Magic & Sacred Union Ritual


Provides an in-depth exploration around advanced shamanic breath-work practices, energetic sex, giving and receiving pleasure, and harnessing the power of sensual energy through Sex Magic and paired manifestation practices.

Retreats for Couples

Can you imagine a time for yourself and your beloved where all of your needs are attended to and your desire to connect with one another in a deeply sacred way is the greatest priority in the world?

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Are you visiting from outside the Asheville area and desiring a profoundly transformative experience for you and your Beloved?

Do you desire intimate connection and quality with your partner?

Are you excited by the thought of diving into an immersion experience, where all the logistics are taken care of and you can simply relax into one another?

travel sessions & Soirees for couples

Would you like to delve into the sensuous realms of Conscious Sexuality and Sacred Embodiment close to home?

Hannah loves to travel and often takes time exploring outside Asheville, bringing her practice to other towns and cities all over the East Coast and beyond. She offers sessions, workshops, and privately-organized small group events.

Dual-Practitioner Sessions for couples

Are you feeling a desire for more individualized attention through the powerful presence of two complimentary guides?

Hannah and her practitioner partner Christina Amanti love working together to co-create your healing experience. If you prefer the sacred balance of a masculine as well as a feminine practitioner, that is an available option as well!

Events & workshops

Are you curious to explore the world of Sacred Sexuality, but more interested in a co-creative group setting?

Embark on this journey along with other individuals and couples in your community who share a passion for the world of Tantric wonder…

Distance Coaching