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Divine Union Immersion for Couples

Ancient mystics have long known what modern culture has largely forgotten...that the true power of intimate relationship is as a sacred dance that goes far beyond the mundane day-to-day realities of life.

Indeed, when we choose to approach our romantic partnerships as the dynamic alchemical container in which profound healing, self-discovery, and transformation can take place, it helps us open more to the pleasure and creative potential that our spirits have come here to experience more fully.

Join us for a 2-day Immersion into the art of Conscious Sexuality, where you will dive deep into your body and being, to discover practices that, when woven into your life and relationship, will allow you and your partner to expand your capacity to utilize the sacred container of your connection to cultivate greater intimacy, understanding, and enchantment than you ever knew was possible.

- Learn new but ancient ways of being in harmonious relationship with yourself, your partner, and life itself

- Uncover the natural cycles of relationship and learn to gracefully ride the waves of life, to deepen the co-creative potential of you both as individuals and as a team

- Explore embodiment practices that draw on inspiration from the spiritual path of Tantra, including breathing, meditation, movement and non-verbal communication techniques to help you connect with your own and your partner’s subtle sensual energy

- Heal old relationship patterns that are holding you back from surrendering to the true potential of the here and now

- Activate your life force and learn to offer it in service to the greater good through Sex Magic and profound sensual exploration

- Meet other empowered couples who are ushering in this new paradigm of co-creative partnership