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Honoring the Feminine Divine ~ Leesburg, VA

Womb Steam & Sister Circle

Are you ready to come home to your inner goddess? Do you want to open up your pleasure potential and fully embody your feminine power? Would you like to enjoy more vitality, more energy, and a more fulfilling sex life? Then join us at the Temple in the Trees for this opportunity to experience an in-depth exploration of practices to help you honor your body, heal from trauma, awaken your life-force, and connect with the core of your divine womanhood.

This ritual workshop is a sacred time set aside to come deep into ourselves, to nourish our bodies and connect with other sisters to uncover the ultimate source of our divine feminine creative power. Through ceremony, magic, and heartfelt connection, we will heal and release what's no longer serving and craft a vision for what we are calling in on behalf of ourselves and the collective.

After an opening ceremony, sharing and intention-setting ritual, we will charge our bodies and our intentions with some light movement, breath and song. We will then delve deep into the healing process by engaging in the ancient practice of womb steaming and self-massage.

What is a Womb Steam Anyway?

Womb Steams are an ancient practice that uses the power of steam and the essential oils of dried herbs to cleanse, replenish, revitalize, relax and restore the womb and vaginal canal, helping connect us with this most sacred center, releasing layers of stored trauma, both physical and energetic. During this ritual, we will each create our own herbal blend, mixing the herbs together in a large pot with steaming water and adding clear intention for what we want to heal and what we want to call in. Then, as we kneel over the steaming pot and allow the fragrant vapors to cleanse and nourish our bodies, we will be guided through some gentle self-massage practices and visualizations to deepen our connection with our wombs and the power we hold there. Sounds, songs, and all emotions are welcome in this sacred space.

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