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Divine Partnership ~ Concord, NC

A Sensual Spiritual Exploration for Couples

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Are you ready to dive deep with your partner to discover a new frontier of intimacy and understanding? Are you ready to activate the divine lover within yourself and your Beloved?

Then come and explore new and ancient ways of being in relationship with yourself and your partner. 

- Learn to attune to each other in a whole new way that can deepen your intimate connection, improve communication, heal past hurts, and open the way for a brave new world of passion and fulfillment. 
- Discover holistic approaches to relationship that will breathe new life into your romantic connection. 
- Explore embodiment practices, including movement, meditation/visualization, breath and non-verbal communication to help activate and channel your subtle sensual energy.
- Learn to expand your awareness of your partner's needs, wants, and desires.
- Get more in touch with your own needs and desires, and learn to effectively communicate them with your partner.
- Discover full-body touch techniques that will enhance your healing and pleasure potential.
- Meet other couples interested in conscious sexuality and new paradigm relationship practices.
- Share with others in a safe and sacred container designed to broaden your mind, open your heart, and expand your horizons.
- Consciously cultivate a connection that feels truly divine, transforming your relationship into something healing, empowering, transformative, and sacred. 

Price $110 per couple ($55 each)
Advanced Registration Required

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