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Magdalene Sister Circle

Location: Lotus Living Arts Studio (Concord, NC)

As one of the Bible’s most enigmatic figures, Mary Magdalene has been revered and reviled throughout history. Although she was branded a prostitute by the Church, there are those who believe she was actually a Sex Priestess ordained by the Temple of Isis and initiated into the Tantric Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt. Now, as the Sacred Feminine on the planet undergoes a great awakening and reclamation of power, Mary Magdalene has resurfaced as a force to unify women and female-spirited individuals in Sacred Sisterhood. This Sister Circle is for those of feminine-spirit who feel a deep resonance with Goddess Energy in general and in particular divine feminine figures like Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother, Isis, and the Divine Sophia. Let’s come together now to heal ourselves, our spirits, our bodies, and the planet. 

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