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Sex Magic: Pleasure Practice & Ritual Playshop

Location: 5 Elements of Healing (Concord, NC)

There was a time when Ancient Mystery Schools of the Far East celebrated sexual energy as the most healing and empowering force on the planet, able to be channeled towards creation and manifestation of our deepest desires. For centuries, Tantra was practiced in secret so that only the initiated were taught to cultivate their energy through the Sexual Arts. The time has come for all to share in this wisdom. This day-long workshop is for those individuals who are ready to delve deep into their bodies to uncover the power of their life-force energy, heal ancestral wounds, and unlock their creative power. Learn expansive breathing, visualization, and movement practices to enliven and channel your vital life-force energy. Practice techniques to awaken your body and open pathways for vitality to flow. Participate in a Self-pleasure Ritual to heal your Body, Spirit, and the Earth. This Ritual Workshop is open to individuals and couples of all bodies and sexual-orientation. Pre-registration is required.

Sliding Scale Donation $88-122

To register, you may submit you PayPal donation (family/friends) to Please include your name and the name of any additional participants you would like to register, a phone number where you can be reached, and the title of the workshop you wish to attend.