Shadow Love

Ode to My Inner Succubus

I love my shadow.

She is the source of my power.

Her gift is the capacity to embrace all aspects of experience as truly sacred and holy

She allows me to open in the face of discomfort, to lean into pain, breathe into pain, and give the pain voice.

She allows me to look at the ugly aspects of life with acceptance, alchemizing judgment into the inspiration to heal.

She gives me laughter and a connection to sexuality that embraces taboo as a healthy expression of repressed desire.

She gives me the strength to stand confident in the face of darkness, to look demons in the eye and offer them the loving acceptance we all long for.

The Succubus in me honors the Succubus in you.

“Succubus” by Christopher Lovell, sourced from

“Succubus” by Christopher Lovell, sourced from