Distance Coaching Sessions

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Distance Coaching Sessions offer an opportunity to open up heartfelt connection and begin to dive into the foundations of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

Distance Coaching is available for individuals as well as for couples.

Through the magic of video-conferencing, we explore tools that help you deepen your relationship with your body and your sensual energy, to become more aware and more confident in yourself.

Distance Sessions are generally 90 minutes to 2 hours and often include:

  • Intuitive Spiritual Guidance

  • Expansive Breathing Practices

  • Energetic Clearing & Balancing

  • Sensual Movement & Meditation

  • Authentic heartfelt connection

Individual Healing Sessions


In-person Healing Sessions for men, women and those beyond the binary spectrum offer spiritual guidance and the foundations of Tantric ritual. Sessions facilitate energetic healing while empowering you to bring this practice into your daily life in a way that opens the pathway for greater embodiment and more fulfilling relationships.

Every experience is different and will vary based on your personal needs, desires and intentions. 

Session options range from 2 to 5 hours, and more time allows for more connection and further exploration.

I prefer to begin with an Initial Consultation or Distance Coaching Session before diving into an In-person Healing Session together. This serves to establish trust and lay the foundations so we can go deeper.

Mastery Series


Is your spirit calling you to dive deeper into the world of Tantra, Sacred Embodiment and Conscious Sexuality?

A single session can open powerful doors, however the deepest levels of transformation unfold with consistent dedication and practice. With this awareness in mind, Hannah offers this Mastery Series to provide a framework for continued guidance over an extended period of time.

Invest in your journey and save!

The series includes:

Three 90-minute Distance Coaching Sessions

One 90-minute In-person Session

One 2hr In-person Session

One 3hr In-person Session

Individual Immersions


Do you feel ready to enter into a transformative experience, where you are fully immersed in the world of Conscious Sexuality and Sacred Embodiment?

Are you going through a profound life change and looking for greater clarity or a renewed sense of purpose?

Are you searching for something deeply nourishing and replenishing for your body and spirit?

Are you ready to see the world with new eyes and discover a whole new zest for life?

A private Immersion Experience may be right for you.

Dual Practitioner Sessions


Desire more than just a one-on-one experience?

Dual Practitioner Sessions allow for more individualized attention through the powerful presence of two complimentary guides.

Hannah and her practitioner partners love working together to co-create your healing experience. 

Travel Sessions

Looking for a Tantric Experience outside the Asheville area?

Hannah often travels to other cities to offer workshops and sessions!

Common travel destinations include:

  • Charlotte, NC

  • Concord, NC

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Marietta, GA

  • Washington, DC

  • Leesburg, VA

  • Bethesda, MD

coaching & Sessions for Couples