Meet Hannah...

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A Tantric Healing Artist whose passion draws from a deep connection with Nature and all things Magic. Her deepest desire is to support others in discovering their own essential nature and power to bring forth their gifts to create the world their heart desires.

As a writer, community activist, shamanic healer, Magdalene priestess, and channel of the Divine Mother, Hannah’s spiritual practice is rooted in Sacred Sexuality. Her mission is to activate Gaia Consciousness by helping men, women and transgender individuals connect with the essential nature of Spirit and Earth, bringing these forces into harmonious co-creative union within each being and the Collective.

In 2012, Hannah journeyed to Asheville, North Carolina to complete her certification in Flow Yoga at Asheville Yoga Center. She quickly fell in love with the wild spirit of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains, and decided to lay down her roots. In 2014, Hannah had a transformational experience at a musical concert that set her on a path of sensual self-discovery, which eventually led her to Tantra. That same year, she started working and studying with Tantra Teacher Denise Greenfield at Tantric Retreat and, after two and a half years of in-depth training and apprenticeship, received her certification in Essence Tantra and became a full-time practitioner in 2016. 

Shortly after, Hannah began working with Shamanic Teacher & Healer Bloom Post, and completed Bloom's Heart of Service Mentorship Program in April 2017. In June of that year, Hannah ventured forth to create a temple space all her own where she could freely share her unique style of Tantric Shamanism and ritual practice with all who feel the call to work with her. 

In January of 2018, Hannah traveled to Costa Rica to take part in the International School of Temple Art's Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience, joining the ranks of the ISTA tribe's worldwide network of healers and visionaries pioneering teachings of sacred sexuality across the globe.

From her homebase Temple space, Hannah shares Tantric Healing Sessions and Ritual Workshops that support others in deepening their relationship with their own body temples and creative vitality. She offers guidance, tools, and a sacred container to explore Sex Magic, channeling sensual energy to bring the Mind and Spirit into sacred balance with the physical Body and Natural World. With the intention to heal ancestral wounds, protect and restore our natural environment, and midwife the New Earth for future generations, Hannah is dedicating her energy towards re-establishing connection with the Earth’s rhythms of creation in divine partnership with the Cosmos.

“I stumbled my way onto the Tantric Path seeking guidance about my own sexual wounds and blockages. I had an intuitive sense that sensuality, artistic expression, and manifestation power were somehow linked, and if I could just unlock one, the others would flow. In the process of searching for the keys to my sexuality and sovereignty, I ultimately discovered the joys of swimming naked, dancing in the moonlight, singing by the fire, and walking barefoot on the Earth. It is my honor, my privilege, and my pleasure to share this healing dance with others.”